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Dr Alexis Bowers


Dr Alexis Bowers is a Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry. He is experienced in preparing reports on wide range of psychiatric conditions in both adults and older adults. He specialises in personal injury cases, criminal cases, medical negligence and family law. He is also a qualified old age psychiatrist and is able to assess mental capacity.

As a general adult psychiatrist the assessment and management of PTSD and complex PTSD is within Dr Bowers field of expertise and a usual everyday clinical practice. Dr Bowers have been instructed as a medicolegal expert for 10 years and prepare reports regularly on claimants presenting with PTSD as a consequence of accidents, workplace incidents and clinical negligence.

Dr Bowers has also been called on as an expert for cases associated with PTSD that have been reported in the national media.  As Dr Bowers is familiar with up to date NICE guidance for this condition he is able to offer up to date evidence based opinion on treatment and prognosis.

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