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Dr Saima Latif



I possess knowledge and experience of compiling expert witness reports of children and adults. I have been instructed to undertake expert witness reports where personality, IQ, suggestibility, compliance, domestic violence, substance and drug abuse, competency to stand trial and risk assessment were requested in assessment of the client (criminal and civil cases); assessments of parents for contact and parenting skills (family); PTSD and trauma in RTA and assault victims (civil); and assessment of removal of an individual from the UK, impact of removal on family life for the returnee in asylum seekers and refugees assessments (immigration). I am competent to assess and give my opinion on psycho-social factors (personality, intelligence, compliance, suggestibility, parent-child attachment, family-related issues; stress and anxiety, PTSD, depression, aggression, sexual recidivism and risk of re-offending and self-harm).

My work has involved undertaking assessments for the criminal, family courts, employment tribunals, parole board hearings, school appeals and immigration tribunals. I have undertaken assessments in South Asian languages (Punjabi and Urdu).

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