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Mr Simon Easton


Simon Easton is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist working with adults. Simon specialises in the preparation of psychological reports on the effects of road traffic accidents, stress and other trauma for the courts/insurers as an expert witness, and is listed with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), having prepared more than 800 psycho-legal reports since 1987.

Simon is registered as a Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy with Senior Practitioner Status with the British Psychological Society, and offers psychological therapy to adults experiencing difficulties after accidents and other trauma, as well as working with individuals experiencing other psychological problems. He has worked as a consultant for a wide range of organisations, including Hampshire Police.

Simon lectures in counselling and clinical psychology at the University of Portsmouth. He has conducted research into whiplash, stress at work, phobic travel anxiety, malingering and stress at work, and has published papers in academic and professional journals.

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