Ms. Lynne Jackson

Qualifications: AFBPsS
Expert Type: Adult Psychologist Family Psychologist
Specialities: ADD, Addiction, ADHD, Alcohol Misuse, Alienation, Antisocial Behaviour, Anxiety, ASD, Aspergers, Attachment, Autism, Bereavement, Bipolar, Capacity, Cognitive Assessment, Criminal, Cultural Diversity, Depression, Domestic Violence, Drug Misuse, Drug/Alcohol/Substance Misuse, Educational, Family, Fitness To Plead, Global Family Assessment, Learning Difficulties, Learning Disabilities, Mood Disorder, Neglect, Non-Accidental Injury, OCD, Paedophilia, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Risk, Risk Assessments, Schizophrenia, Self Harm, Sex Offenders, Sexual Abuse Victims, Sexual Harrassment, Substance Misuse, Suicidal Ideation,
Location: SW11
Travel Distance: Nationwide
Funding Types: Private, Legal Aid,
Languages: English


Ms Lynne Jackson has been in continuous practice as a Chartered Psychologist since 1987 working with adults, Children and families in multi professional settings for Local Authorities including Camden, Westminster, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Norfolk, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Gwynedd and Kirklees.  Throughout this time Lynne has been involved in the assessment of Children and families and interventions with parents to change their behaviours to meet their Children’s needs.  Many of these Children have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse and have displayed attachment disorders and as such assessing the impact of the behaviour of parents upon Children and young people has been a core part of her experience.  Has worked extensively with young people with behaviour difficulties including as the consulting psychologist for Local Authority Pupil Referral Units in London.

She has contributed to and run a wide range of professional development activities for staff within Health and Education, on topics including behavioural management, stress, assertiveness and learning difficulties.  She has been a member of the Social Services Sub-committee and the Education Sub-committee as a Chartered Psychologist for the National Deaf Children’s Society and has carried out assessments for the Dyslexia Institute.  From 1992 – 1995 she was appointed External Manager for the Employment Department for the development of standards and her implementation within the Social Care Sector because of her experience of Social Services and education and the development of standards (NVQ/SVQ’s). Thus, with an original qualification as a child psychologist and subsequently trained and experienced in assessing adults. In her role as an expert witness, has provided psychological assessments for Family and Civil Courts and has carried out assessments of prisoners in Grendon and Springhill prisons (therapeutic units).   

Within the Family and Civil Courts Lynne has prepared reports and regularly given evidence in court on a number of areas including:

·           Assessment of attachment and bonding in families

·           Assessment of parenting

·           Alcohol and drug abuse as pertaining to parenting ability

·           Domestic violence, physical, sexual and emotional abuse as pertaining to parenting ability

·           Adult cognitive and personality assessment, including own family history in relation to ability to parent.

·           Cognitive assessment of adults to determine competence

·           Emotional/behavioural assessment of adults and Children, including abused/neglected/at risk Children

·           Proposition of remedial/therapeutic options for the future




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