What our clients think

"Finding an appropriate expert can be time-consuming while dealing direct with that expert can sometimes be difficult!

I have always found Expert in Mind to be prompt, efficient, pleasant and helpful. It has made finding and dealing with experts so much easier."

Alistair Banks - 14/06/2021

Edwards Duthie Shamash

"Both myself and my team of clinical negligence practitioners have used Expert in Mind for a number of years. We have always been impressed by the professional and knowledgeable administrative team who are always there on hand to make suggestions and ensure that reports are received as quickly as possible. They have a wealth of experts who are extremely experienced in their relevant field who provide clear and concise reports. I would not hesitate to recommend Expert in Mind to other practitioners."

Clare Milne - 22/06/2021

Girlings Solicitors

"I think Expert in Mind provide an excellent service. As a firm which does largely legal aid work (on fixed fees) it is very helpful to have an organisation who do the “leg work” for you. They have a large database of experts and I have found the quality of the experts provided extremely good and the service from Expert in Mind exceptional."

Joseph Harrington - 07/06/2021

Harringtons Solicitors

"I routinely use Expert in Mind for expert assessments. I have found them to be efficient and timely with requests for assessments. They have a broad range of experts who produce excellent assessments and are always on time with Court filing times."

Sabina Mahmood - 07/06/2021

Gary Jacobs & Co Ltd

"As ever the excellent quality of the reports combined with the efficient and helpful provision of information and those reports in a timely manner have been of enormous assistance in the case management of our work.

I would have no hesitation in continuing to use Expert in Mind in the future and would recommend both the experts and service to colleagues and other firms.

Peter Harris - 07/06/2021

Harris Temperley LLP Solicitors

"As a solicitor in the legal field, it is important to have access to medical experts who can provide medico legal reports on short notice under legal aid rates. I have been instructing Expert In Mind now for many years. They are always fast, efficient, have a wide range of experts and the reports prepared are always to a professional standard. The staff are both friendly and always respond to any query efficiently. I would highly recommend them."

Kam Dhanjal - 27/05/2021

J D Spicer Zeb Solicitors

"I regularly make enquiries with Expert in Mind for expert availability and I have always found the enquiries team to be extremely helpful. They always provide a rapid response to my enquiry and provide all the information I require. I’m always very happy with their service."

Jessica Driscoll-Ward - 27/05/2021

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

"Dr Busuttil turned everything around very quickly and was helpful with ad-hoc queries. I was in touch with Zofia mostly. She is always super responsive, helpful and flexible.

Tom Lax

Tom Lax - 10/10/2020

Bolt Burdon Kemp

"I run a small criminal defence practice in Brighton and have many clients who are youths. I have instructed Dr Blincow to assess a number of my young clients. I was impressed with his CV, he has exactly the right qualifications, and experience and is very well respected, having headed CAMHS. In addition clients report back that they are relieved to meet a professional who clearly knows what they are doing and has an ability to get vulnerable youths to open up to him.

His reports have provided an excellent summary of the defendant's history and assessments of their ability to effectively participate in proceedings. His reports also have a common sense approach as to how a particular disability or cumulative difficulties actually impact the young person.

I would say that his reports have been life changing for some of my clients."

Sarah Smith - 07/05/2020

Tildens Ltd

"We found Dr Bose to be approachable and sensitive to the time constraints that are often imposed by Courts for the filing of expert evidence. Dr Bose ensures, wherever possible, that these time restrictions are met and his reports are detailed, accurate and well-informed and, in our experience, are highly regarded by lawyers."

J Holden - 06/05/2020

Holden & Co LLP

"I found my experience with Expert in Mind to be professional, friendly and efficient in arranging an urgent short notice appointment with a dedicated team to arranging the appointment ensuring court directions were complied with.

I would use them again without hesitation and would recommend them to anyone."

Gina Hatcher, Legal Assistant - 01/08/2018

Rootes & Alliott Solicitors

"I have worked for Expert in Mind for three years and have found all the staff to be professional, approachable and efficient. It is very helpful to be allocated to a single case manager who can manage my caseload and be on hand for any queries I have. Zofia and her team have always gone the extra mile and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other experts."

Dr Laura Pipon-Young - 30/04/2018

Clinical/Chartered Psychologist

"I have been using Expert in Mind for several years in a range of complex care cases and have found their Dr Blincow in particular to be extremely professional, insightful and empathetic in assessing the comprehensive needs of children and their families, to write clear and focused court reports and to really go further than most experts in giving a clear and comprehensive account and opinion, whilst also being reflective and fair in the witness box when required.

They are my experts of choice as a busy solicitor and advocate. Their cost and time estimates are accurate and the standard of the reports produced are excellent."

Denise Hoilette - 27/02/2018

Philcox Gray Solicitors & Mediators

"I have worked consistently for Expert in Mind as a psychologist for the last 8 years. During this time I have been supplied with all of the work that I could manage alongside my NHS job. The support from Expert in Mind for the work that I have done has been consistently excellent, including arranging all my appointments, and sorting things out when arrangements go wrong. All of the staff are friendly, polite and helpful and any concern or problem has always been dealt with immediately. It has been particularly helpful to me to deal mainly with one member of staff, who gets to know me and the way that I work well, and so can support and anticipate what I need. I would highly recommend Expert in Mind as an agency to work for, they compare very well against others that I have done work for in the past."

Alice Rogers - 16/02/2018

Registered Psychologist

"During the time that I have undertaken work for Expert in Mind as an Expert Witness on varied family, criminal and immigration cases, I have found them to be very easy going to work with and they have eliminated much of the stress and workload from me by liaising with the solicitors and clients to organise appointments and venues and to send out bundles of documents in an efficient and timely manner. It definitely makes my life as an Expert much easier and enables the whole process from beginning to end to run much more smoothly for me and also for those instructing me."

Dr Saima Latif - 19/02/2018

Chartered Psychologist

"Expert in Mind have experts available in many different fields.
It is a reliable service with a vast amount of experts in different fields. Assessments/reports are organised in a professional manner and the service is timely. Communications are always open and the team are always most helpful with any query. I cannot fault any of the dealings I have had with the experts' work or the work of the team in the office.

Nikki Blanchard - 15/12/2017

Crown Prosecution Service

"I have been an Expert on this panel since 2008. The team is very well led and I find them highly efficient and professional. I am delighted to conduct my medicolegal work through Expert in Mind. "

Dr Julia Ronder - 16/02/2018

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

"I have been on Expert in Mind’s panel for almost 10 years and have always found that they provide efficient support in booking and managing appointments. In addition, paperwork provision, even in complex areas, is excellently managed. A member of the team is always on hand to help no matter the issue! Their knowledge of my cases enables them to field any enquiries from instructing parties and I have absolute confidence in them doing so. I would highly recommend their services. "

Professor Chris Fox - 16/02/2018

Consultant Psychiatrist

"I have been working with the Team at Expert in Mind since 2012, and it has been a delight to work with them. They are always very professional, courteous and very helpful indeed. Always prepared to go the extra mile.

Dr Deji Oyebode - 01/02/2018

Consultant Psychiatrist

"I have used Expert in Mind now for many years as they have some of the leading psychiatrists in the medico-legal world on their books. I have never once been disappointed. The reports are always produced on time and suggested additions and amendments are dealt with very promptly by the administrative team. The reports themselves are well structured, very thorough and fair. I have found the experts to be robust in conference and I am able to rely on the reports they produce, in even the trickiest of cases. "

James Cahan - Partner - 30/01/2018

Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

"I have instructed Expert In Mind on a number of cases for the purpose of care proceedings.
I have always found them very helpful and professional. I find the process they have in place for identifying suitably qualified experts for a particular case and confirming the instructions invaluable."

Joe Andersson - Child Protection Lawyer - 11/12/2017

Royal Borough of Greenwich Legal Services

"I have used Sececetra [Expert In Mind] on a number of occasions for expert medico legal reports. I have always found the staff to be friendly, courteous and very willing to help, including in assisting me in the selection of the right expert for the particular case.

Experts employed by Sececetra [Expert In Mind] have always dealt with my clients with respect and courtesy. Reports are received promptly and all queries dealt with speedily"

W. Morecombe - 22/09/2017

Rix & Kay Solicitors

"I have instructed Sececetra [Expert In Mind] on many occasions over the last few years. I have always been most impressed with the service that I have received from them. The quality of the reports has always been of a high standard. The Consultants instructed have provided comprehensive and detailed reports.

The feedback that I have received back from my clients, following the meetings with the Consultants have been universally positive and favourable. Further, the service that I receive from Sececetra [Expert In Mind] has always been very efficient and prompt. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

David Black - 22/09/2017

Partner Bower & Bailey Solicitors