Announcing the opening of our ADHD Clinic

“Breaking Ground: Expert in Mind Unveils Game-Changing Sister Venture – The ADHD Clinic!”

Expert in Mind is excited to introduce its latest venture, The ADHD Clinic. Recognising the increasing demand for ADHD assessments and the prolonged waiting lists within the NHS, we are thrilled to offer a solution. With almost 16 years of experience in organizing mental health assessments and providing ADHD assessments through the clinical division of our business, establishing a dedicated clinic was a logical step forward.

Our team of ADHD specialists, who have consistently demonstrated excellence, can trust us to operate this clinic with precision and efficiency. This endeavour reflects our commitment to addressing the growing need for accessible and timely ADHD assessments, ensuring individuals receive the care they require without unnecessary delays.

Dr. Sajid Suleman, a dedicated Consultant Psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in diagnosing ADHD since 2008, stands as a passionate advocate for the subject. Driven by a commitment to delivering assessments of the highest quality in adherence to NICE Guidelines, he will be at the helm of our distinguished team comprising 15 accomplished psychiatrists and psychologists. Together, they share a collective dedication to ensuring excellence in ADHD assessments and contributing to the wellbeing of those seeking our services.

For adults, we offer two tiers of assessment.   Tier 1 is a multi-disciplinary assessment. The client has an appointment with a psychologist, and then an appointment with a psychiatrist, who will complete a joint report giving a comprehensive and nuanced perspective.

Neurodevelopmental difficulties are largely cognitive constructs diagnosed based on (mainly) observable behavioural symptoms. In simple terms – neurodevelopmental difficulties are problems with how our brain develops and we figure this out mainly by looking at how people behave in certain situations.  A Psychologist can carry out various psychometrics and can also complete cognitive assessments to look at impairments associated with ADHD. Their extensive training in behavioural and cognitive theory allows for a more in-depth evaluation, ensuring a holistic understanding of an individual’s challenges.

A psychiatrist, with their medical training, brings a unique viewpoint to the assessment, examining aspects from a clinical and physiological standpoint.  A psychiatrist is medically trained and will undertake a structured medical assessment of your mental health and psychiatric history. This means that the doctor will look at other health conditions, especially mental health conditions, which may either exist alongside possible ADHD or exist instead of ADHD.  For example, if people have depression and/or anxiety that is not responding to standard treatments, sometimes this is because ADHD is present and needs to be treated first to enable other conditions to be treated subsequently.

The collaboration between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, (supplemented by input from a trusted, familiar person, and the completion of targeted questionnaires) is exceptionally thorough.  It offers patients a more detailed understanding of their presentation, diagnosis, behaviours, and cognitions, enhancing the overall quality of care and paving the way for a tailored intervention plan.

This thorough approach facilitates personalised support for your journey; a psychologist making in depth and specific recommendations for work and/or education focusing on the social emotional and practical difficulties associated with ADHD; a psychiatrist recommending and prescribing medication based on an assessment of its potential benefits, diligently monitoring its effectiveness, and observing progress and improvements to ensure optimal outcomes.

For those seeking a more expedited process and a concise report, we proudly introduce our tier 2 assessments. In this streamlined approach, assessments are conducted solely by a psychiatrist. While the medical expertise ensures a high standard, it may not delve as deeply as our tier 1 assessments, where both a psychiatrist and psychologist collaborate to provide a more comprehensive perspective. Opting for tier 2 assessments offers a quicker route without compromising quality, catering to individuals who prioritise efficiency in their evaluation process.

In catering to children, our team boasts highly experienced child and adolescent psychiatrists committed to delivering meticulous and comprehensive assessments. Beyond a structured interview, our approach involves a thorough examination of school records, medical histories, and in-depth discussions with parents. To ensure a comprehensive understanding, questionnaires will also need to be completed. Our dedication to the holistic evaluation of each child underscores our commitment to providing the highest standard of care in the assessment process.

We are thrilled to introduce the inclusion of QbTests in our services—a computer based diagnostic screening tool that meticulously gauges the three core symptoms of ADHD: activity, attention, and impulsivity.  Beyond initial assessments, QbTests prove to be exceptionally valuable in monitoring the impact of prescribed medications on an individual’s ADHD symptoms. As a cutting-edge method, QbTests are spearheading the evolution of ADHD assessments, offering a precise evaluation of activity associated with ADHD and signalling a progressive approach for the future.

At the core of our business, we uphold values that embody professionalism, knowledge, clarity, and respect. Recognising the financial considerations associated with ADHD assessments, we’re pleased to introduce a convenient finance option, making the assessment process more accessible. To enhance transparency, we’ve outlined post-diagnosis costs on our website, detailing expenses related to follow-up appointments, the treatment process, and review appointments for individuals seeking ADHD treatment.

Throughout your journey, rest assured that our dedicated team will provide unwavering support, ensuring you’re well-informed and cared for at every step. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re committed to making the entire process as clear and supportive as possible.

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