Supervision Services

We are incredibly proud to offer a Supervision Service for our Experts, a service unique in the medico-legal industry to Expert in Mind.

Expert in Mind is committed to supporting our Experts across the UK, and providing them with continuous expert quality improvement. In consequence, we have created a panel of senior Experts who are pleased to offer clinical supervision services to all members of our Expert Witness panel.

Our clinical supervision services do not stop on qualification and are a valued resource throughout the career of healthcare professionals. Equally, we recognise that starting a medicolegal practice can be daunting for new Experts, however clinically experienced they are. The supervisor is there to share their experience, decision making and interpretation with the supervisee’s observations, experiences and information gathering.

It is expected that our experts will engage in CPD which is relevant to their work as an expert witness. In addition, we encourage all our experts to engage in regular supervision with a colleague of similar or greater experience.

Supervision is a confidential process between the supervisor and supervisee. It can be offered monthly and is conducted remotely. Alternatively, supervision can be offered where advice and mentoring are required in relation to an individual case or report. Any cases discussed are anonymised and we encourage our supervisors to use the Case Based Discussion framework. Reports and the opinions contained therein must remain the opinion of the instructed Expert, supervision is there as an assistance tool only.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Adult Psychologist, Family Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Confidentiality notice

It should be noted that there are limits to the confidentiality. If there is concern about patient safety, the supervisor will need to alert the necessary local and statutory bodies. The supervisee has the responsibility to ensure that identified needs for practice development are fed into the appraisal process. Urgent training or development needs should be highlighted by both the supervisor and supervisee to ensure prompt action. Supervision will be audited and evidenced for experts to use within their appraisals.